I am not big on huge goals for New Years, rather I want to change attitudes about myself. So here are my three resolutions for this year.

Get in Shape
I know, I know, everyone makes this resolution. However, I have no problem with my weight. Rather, I have a problem with the fact that long hikes are out of the question right now. Hiking up the mountain last summer was harder than it should have been and when Zach and I went to this little creek behind his parents cabin in Wyoming I realized how out of shape I am. I miss being able to just do hikes without worrying about being to tired to go on.

Manage My Migraines Better
This speaks for itself. 2009 was a hard year for me with my migraines and I don't want to repeat this next year. In February my plan is to go to the doctor with three months of headache tracking and then try all the different solutions she comes up with.

Get My Condo Ready to Sell
I won't be moving for a year and a half but 2010 is the year that I get things fixed up so I can sell the place. There isn't much to do, just lots of little projects which I can't really start until Eric moves out. The major part of this will happen after Zach goes to Boot Camp because I am going to have to move everything out of the living room to do it.

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