Apr. 4th, 2013 01:35 pm
Both my car and Zach's bike is in for maintenance.

Zach's bike is getting an overhaul with a bunch of new parts, including brakes, and everything will be oiled up.

My car is getting the 30k maintenance thing, an oil change and new brakes.

Car brakes are so much more expensive than bike brakes. The brakes for my car cost almost twice as much as Zach's bike's entire overhaul. It makes me really happy we only have one car to worry about.

Also, this pretty much blows our budget for a new toilet/futon.
I picked up my car this morning. The only sign that it was in an accident is the rip in the license plate.

I was nervous when I was driving it at first but then I remembered that I bought this car because I love driving it. I am still not super fond of driving but I am getting better. Driving down the California coast last week really helped because I think I just need time behind the wheel to feel less nervous.

Also, I am sorting out all my insurance right now. It is funny how sometimes I am really good at being an adult.


Oct. 5th, 2010 02:49 pm
1. I have a cold. I am always grumpy when I am sick.

2. My ring was too big and we went to a jeweler to get a metal band put on it so it would fit until I had a chance to get it re-sized. This band is really annoying and pokes me a lot. I am going to be happy when I can get it re-sized tomorrow. However, I am going to miss it.

3. I have to remember to get it insured. I also have to remember to make Zach the beneficiary of my 401(k)s and IRAs. The condos will just have to wait since that will take a will and I am lazy. Still, I am all about making this relationship more formal.

4. My car might be ready tomorrow. Yay! I miss it so much.

5. I guess I am going to be planning a wedding. Just thinking about it gives me vapors. I know way too many people. I am related to too many people. I am going to have to have a talk with my parents to see if they are going to be helping with this.

6. One of my co-workers found me some ice-cream to help with my sore throat. Argh, I would be okay if it wasn't for that!


Sep. 15th, 2010 11:24 am
$9400 of damage.

It turns out I was hitting the brakes when I hit her which is nice to know. They can tell because if I hadn't hit my brakes the nose wouldn't have gone down and I would have hit her with my bumper and there would have been different damage. Funny that they can tell that. Even funnier that I honestly can't remember much other than looking over my shoulder to see if someone was in my blind spot, looking up to see a car stopped, hearing a lot of crashing noise and yelling "FUCK" when the airbag went off.

Anyways, the accident didn't touch the frame which I had a feeling that it didn't when I drove it off the freeway because if I hadn't been driving with a deployed airbag I wouldn't have known my car had been in an accident. Now I am waiting to hear from the shop to see what the next step is. I am pretty sure it is waiting for them to repair it for the next month, paying them $750 dollars and then seeing my insurance rates go up. Oh well.


Sep. 14th, 2010 08:50 am
I drove to work today. It was scary. Driving itself wasn't so bad but I decided to take 94 because I am someone that feels the need to face their fears. I didn't take my normal on ramp but I got on one ramp beforehand which usually has more traffic (which is why I don't take it) but has more room for you to get over the two lanes you need to get over to stay on 94. Anyways, I don't think we could have been going that fast because traffic is so heavy. Also, I don't think I have every really noticed the insanity that is that area of road before. I just drove it. I don't think I will drive that way anymore even if it is so much faster than anything else I can take. I just wish there was a good way to work.

I hate driving.

Oh, in other news, I feel fine. Either my car did it's job really well, we weren't going very fast or both because the only thing that is sore is my jaw and I am sure that is because I have been clenching it because I am stressed out. I don't even have a seat-belt bruise and I usually bruise easily.
I was in an accident today. I rear ended someone on the death trap known as 94 westbound before the lowry tunnel. This death trap has been even worse since they have had construction on this stretch of road a couple months ago.

My Poor Car

Basically, while I was checking to see if anyone was in my blind spot the girl in the car in front of me had to stop suddenly and I hit her. I was only going about 30 miles an hour so it wasn't too bad except my airbag went off which freaked me out*. The state tropper that helped us off the road and wrote up the accident told us that we were the third accident he had written up in this area that morning because of all the merging.

Now we will see if my brand new car (2000 miles) will get totalled or repaired. Either way I'll be driving Zach's car for a month. BTW, this makes me glad I bought a new car. Hoopty wouldn't had done as well in an accident like this.

*Don't worry, I am happy my airbag went off. Also, the girl was much less freaked out than I was, which was good because she called 911. I was still trying to think for a moment there.

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