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It is my first name. I was named after my maturnal grandmother who was named "Salma Bertine" though everyone calls her "Sally". I wouldn't change it. I am always a little disburbed when I can't get "bertine" as my username. I usually go with "bholmboe" then but it isn't the same!

BTW, I know I am really easy to stalk on the internet.
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I am pretty much exactly the same. I write just like I talk and I talk about the same things online as I do in person. If I write about how annoyed I am that my coworkers are having a meeting in my desk space, I have told them that to their face and then made a joke about it on facebook. If I have a long converstation about bras on my lj you can be sure I would be willing to have that converstation over brunch.
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Robot Frank!

Ah, the memories from the late 90s to early 00s. Sites like this got me addicted to the internet.

My second one is Red Robot.
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I want to be cremated and then buried at Lakewood Cemetery by Lake Calhoun. When I used to run I would run down there and through the cemetery. Now I ride my bike up there and walk through it in the summer. It is one of the most beautiful places in Minneapolis.

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