Dec. 31st, 2012 08:20 am

I am debating getting some one to give our house a good cleaning. We have spent the last week at Zach's parent's house and it is so clean.

I love their basement couches. If we get a cash bonus this year I might look for ones like that on Craigslist. Our current couch had to be repaired with a lot of duct tape.

Our anniversary was really nice. We spent the night in a historic hotel in Livingston, MT and then went to the museum of the Rockies in Bozeman. Lots of mountains.

I am pretty sure I have gained weight on this trip. We have decided that we are going to work on eating better once we get home.

I have been really bad about wearing my mouth guard this trip so my jaw keeps hurting.

I feel like I have had a great vacation. I really needed a break, I was getting grumpy at work more than usual.

I haven't really been charting or using OPKs this month which has been a lot less stressful.

My parents-in-law got me long-arm time for Christmas. I love it. However, it is so expensive in Minneapolis. Still, I can finish a quilt in so much less time, it might be worth it.

I feel pretty lucky in life.

I miss my kitties. It is weird to wake up and not have Harriet taking up most of the bed.

I can't wait to have a house so Zach can get a dog. He would love that.

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Aug. 24th, 2011 08:59 am
1. Eric is mostly moved out. I know, it is pretty shocking and awesome. He still has a closest full of stuff and a couple pieces of furniture to move but the bulk of his stuff is gone. This means [livejournal.com profile] gwangi will be learning how to patch walls and we will be painting the room this weekend! Yay!

2. This morning I got to work and realized my shirt was inside out.

3. I can't wait to have a baby. What is the step after baby rabies?

4. I made this really rather awesome jQuery gallery page yesterday. Damn, I am good at my job.

5. I finally upgraded to IE9 at work. I can't believe I had to restart my computer.

6. Today is the first day in over two weeks that I don't have a headache. I am hoping it stays that way.

7. 124 days until the wedding. We have made progress on the the list but next month will be full of time sucking things. By the end of the month I want to get the hotel block booked, the cake squared away, the invitations sent to the printer and the plane ticket booked. Next month will be full of making centerpieces, setting up a registry, sending invites, buying wine and getting Zach a suit.

8. I am still not sure if I am going to change my name.

9. I need to get my hair colored.

10. All of a sudden I feel overwhelmed. Sigh
1. Facebook Groups.
2. Caribou Coffee being within walking distance from my work and my sister telling me all the ways to get it for cheaper. I got a large decaf for $.68 today (plus tip)! I only have 4 more cups until I can get an espresso drink for free!
3. This picture of Zach holding a baby.
4. My job. Right now there is a walking club and starting next week they are offering Yoga classes once a week. Tomorrow Wolf and I are sponsors for "Beer Friday" which means we supply the beer.
5. There is a version of Civilization on the touch. It is dumbed down but I am okay with that, I don't have time to play the really involved games anymore.
6. My dress came in!


Apr. 30th, 2011 07:33 pm
1. I went to a Twins game. It snowed. We lost. I got my twitter on the score board. All-in-all, it was memorable.

2. I had an epic migraine on Friday. I had to take a Maxalt and when that failed I ended up taking TWO vicodin to keep the pain at a level that was bearable. I obviously called in sick, which makes it the first time I had to call in sick at my new job. I hate migraines.

3. My dad had surgery on Friday. He had his feeding tube and chemo port removed. Yay! He is pretty happy with having them out. He hated the feeding tube. That should be it for the cancer stuff. He is back to working 70 hour weeks right now (road construction is crazy in the summer).

4. Serinia and I hung out today. I went to Opitz Outlet to look at wedding dresses this morning. They had a couple that fit that looked good if I was either a) wanting a much sexier dress or b) a summer wedding. We then went to Macy's to shop and I ended up getting some stuff for the honeymoon (I have been collecting stuff for a few month for this, all on clearance, because I am really cheap).

5. We also went to Trader Joe's where I was able to get 7 bottle's of wine for $55 dollar. So cheap.

6. Now I am looking at plane tickets for Zach and I to go to Zach's sister's wedding this summer.

7. Next I am going to cut some fabric for my brother's quilt. Then I am going to do a lot of ironing.

8. Tomorrow I am going to start the process to order save the date cards for the wedding and relook at the guest list. I am also going to go over the task list to see if there is anything we could tackle the next week.


Apr. 8th, 2011 10:22 am
1. Work this week has been crazy. However, it has been crazy in a fun way. The first site I worked on goes live today. Once it is announced I'll post it.

2. I am pretty sure I have an ear infection.

3. I am having a wedding freakout today. It is time to review the list and get some stuff done. I think I should tackle hotel blocks and getting the save the dates ordered. I thinking that [livejournal.com profile] gwangi should starting thinking about the honeymoon since we are going over a popular time.

4. Serinia made an appointment for dress shopping (May 15th).

5. I have been thinking about the photographer. Everyone has been telling me that it is a good thing to invest in. I also was so blown away by the number of offers that I recieved from people to take the photos at my wedding that I just shut down. However, I have been thinking about it since. I don't know how many of you are friends with [livejournal.com profile] melissa_maples but she is one of my favorite people on LJ and even flying her here is cheaper than paying for a photographer. Plus I love her photos. My dad keeps asking if I am going to do this (and has decided that she will stay in their guest bedroom) and Zach thinks it is cool. Am I crazy to say I will only pay $300 for a wedding dress but I'll fly my friend from Turkey to come take pictures at my wedding?

6. I am going to a web conference on Monday. Woo!

7. I have a view of Bachman's (a local garden store) from my desk and it is so nice to see them setting up the spring plants.

8. I broke down and bought some decent decaf grounds for work. SO MUCH BETTER.

9. I am having a clothing swap tomorrow. However, I am pretty sure I am going to have a "sloppy seconds" one in a couple weeks since so many people won't be able to make it.

Okay, time to get back to my crazy pile of work.


Mar. 14th, 2011 01:46 pm
1. My only complaint about my new job is that it is freezing in here. Well... that and the decaf coffee sucks. I think I need to start stopping at Caribou in the morning to get coffee.

2. I finished both my taxes and all my benefit paper work this weekend. All I have left is to rollover my 401k into an IRA and I should be done with this job change. I think. I am sure there is something else I am forgetting.

3. I was weird while filling out all my benefit forms to put Zach in the beneficiary line. My sister or parents have always been there before.

4. I was saving 12% of my income in my 401k because it was easy but I am thinking that I am going to do less (the amount that they match - 6%) and start putting some in a RothIRA. I am also thinking that I could split the amount I was saving and open an account in my name now and once we are married open an account in Zach's name. Though I think he has been debating opening his own account once he gets rid of his car.

5. I know this sounds funny but I am looking forward to the day that we are a one car family. At this phase in our lives we only need one car and the second one is a burden. We have to move it all the time, paying insurance on a car that is driven once a week is annoying and we just got the notice that the tab renewal is due. It is a nice car and we should be able to get a decent amount for it, which is good since Zach wants to buy a road bike with the proceeds from it (which makes sense, it is his main form of transportation now).

6. I am really looking forward to when I get integrated into my new job. I have work here but it doesn't really take me that long and so I have a lot of slack time. I hate those times. It is one thing to slack off at work, it is another to want to have a project and not really have anything. Still, I think by next week I should be up to speed.

7. One of the big pluses to this job is there is a grocery store two blocks from it which is right on my way home. This is awesome for stopping for dinner ingredients. Still, this store is in Plymouth so their "ethnic" selection isn't as large as I would like it and while I was waiting to check out last week the two people in front of me wrote checks.

8. I need to bring my soup bowl and soup into work. Though the cafeteria has a salad bar.

9. Tonight is my last machine quilting class. I didn't get as much practice on quilting in the last week as I hoped I would but starting a new job is tiring. However, I learned that it is really hard and that I am going to be quilting with a walking foot for a while and practicing a lot before I attempt freemotion on a real quilt.

10. I don't know if I mentioned this but I have a window at my cube now. It is fun to look out of it and watch the cars drive by.


Jan. 23rd, 2011 12:24 pm
1. I have lost another 5 pounds since I have been upping up topamax. I am now at 160 pounds. If I keep this up I won't even have to worry about losing weight for my wedding. Ha!

2. I love my kindle and the free cheesy romance novels I can download on it. I have been reading so much more than I used to. I bought this plastic bag thing that makes it so I can read my kindle in the bathtub. It is awesome.

3. I made scones this morning. They were very good.

4. I went shopping yesterday and bought a bunch of clothes. I haven't really bought clothes in a year because of the clothing swaps but I really needed some more professional clothes than I have and I just wanted something different than what was in my closet. There were so many sales I was able to get some good deals. I also bought some new work shoes, which I needed.

5. Today is a quilting day. Yay!

6. Animal House is a great movie.

7. <3
1. I want to go home and work on Serinia's quilt.
2. I am looking forward to Saturday when the quilt store has a sale and I can buy Christmas fabric to make Christmas Stockings for Zach and I. I think I can get them done before next year.
3. I am starting to get excited about wedding stuff. Going out and buying some decorations for the tables was rather fun and there will be crafty things to do. I am sure I'll invite many of you to help.
4. I am trying to convince my sister (and maid of honor) to throw me a quilting bee instead of a wedding shower. This means less stuff. We'll see if she took the hint and if she can find someone to run it.
5. I have decided to use theknot.com. Even though it annoys me. Shut up.
6. I still don't feel well.
7. I wish my cube plant wasn't dying, I am usually much better at keeping them alive.
8. Tonight I am going to Micheal's to get random stuff.
9. Tomorrow is Rock Band, I am excited.


Dec. 27th, 2010 10:00 am
1. I am sick
2. I am cranky
3. I don't want to be at work
4. I miss [livejournal.com profile] gwangi
5. I wish I was on vacation with Zach.
6. I do have 11 hours of PTO to use up before the end of January.
7. I did buy some decorations for the wedding yesterday. That was fun.
8. Only 364 days until I am married. Weird.

Also, if you smoke, please don't.


Sep. 3rd, 2010 10:48 am
1. I have weird cats. Last week we finally finished the shower repair and started started taking showers in our bathroom. This means that Emerson freaks out while we take showers again, which is adorable but I don't like making him worried. He sits on the edge of the bathtub and sticks his head into the shower so he can make sure you aren't dying. If he can't see you he just meows the entire time you are showering. Also, I think he tried to carry a bookend into the bedroom last night.

2. Zach got a job and starts next week. This makes me happy because it is a job that he wanted. He will be working at the U of MN doing some sort of lab thingy. He needs to write a post about it so I can link to it. (hint hint!).

3. We decided that this weekend we wouldn't go out of town but would knock off a couple items from our project list. We are going to replace a fan in our bedroom, finish the woodwork and the desk in my office, and attempt the crown molding in the bathroom. I am going to go through my closet and get rid of all the clothes I don't like anymore and maybe set up another clothing swap. I was thinking the first part of October for a day to have it.

4. My dad is doing much better. He had a throat infection that is making it hard for him to eat but that is what the feeding tube was put in for. Now he is all set up for using that and he is feeling much better. However, he is skinner than I have ever seen him and it is weird to look at him. I wish he could eat because I want to feed him.

5. I am all signed up for a quilting class in a couple weeks at the quilting store just a few blocks from my house. I am pretty excited for this because it takes you through every step of quilt making. Of course, since this is my first quilt, I am pretty sure this will be a quilt for the cats.
1. New Shoes
2. Awesome Cuddly Boyfriend
3. Crock-pot Cake - Funfetti Version
4. Famous Dave's
5. Top Gear
6. Football Season
7. A month until vacation
8. Quilting Class
9. Baking Season
10. Wine


Aug. 18th, 2010 11:35 am
1. My work computer is still broken. I might get it back today but it will still take a day for me to get it set up.

2. I had a migraine yesterday. It sucked. I hate headaches. I have this fear that one day I will get them as bad as my mom did at my age and I won't be able to work. I know I have much better medication than she did but how would I afford my mortgage if I couldn't work? Plus, she lost the use of her left side of her body for about four months due to her migraines in her late 30s. I have the same kind of migraines. Every time I get a bad migraine and my arm goes numb I worry that it won't come back. It did it yesterday while I was laying on the couch watching Gangland* and I wanted to cry.

3. My dad didn't start radiation yesterday. The room flooded last week because of all the rain so they push it back a week. I wish this would just start.

4. I still love my car. I am about to hit 1500 miles. It drives so nicely and it is pretty and it makes me like driving.

5. I am making Xerxes a webpage. Hopefully I will have time to work on that tomorrow night. I am hoping that it will be awesome and it will win a contest for me. Yup.

6. I need to start going to the gym again. I haven't gone in months. I hate paying for it if I don't go. Plus the yoga classes really do help my body feel better after migraines. I should make Zach a member too.

7. I am going to make more refrigerator pickles tonight. I am excited about this. I love pickles. They are so yummy.

8. I need to get about two inches of hair chopped off. It is so long I can't do anything with it anymore. I also want to get it highlighted again before Zach and I go to California for his cousin's wedding.

*Watching crappy TV shows are the only things I am up to doing when I have migraines. I don't even really "watch" then. I turn them on and listen to them.


Jul. 19th, 2010 03:04 pm
2. I am going to get my car washed tonight. It has rain spots on it. I am oddly nervous about this. Weird.
3. I also need to deposit a check, buy stamps and drop off the multiple prescriptions that my new neurologist gave me last week.
4. My new neurologist told me to stop drinking caffeine, which was funny since I don't drink any since I had to give up diet coke. I guess the one cup of coffee a week might have been causing problems. Whatever. I am giving it up. It does mean that I can't take any caffeine to get rid of a migraine either.
5. I had a migraine most of the weekend. It sucked.
6. I did eat a lot of pie. That didn't suck.
7. I am going to make dinner tonight because [livejournal.com profile] gwangi brought my computer to be fixed (the power supply went out) and is painting the woodwork for my bathroom. I am using a recipe from Real Simple.
8. Yesterday morning, when I didn't have a headache and it wasn't super hot, I cleaned my house. It is so nice to have a clean house again. I don't like it when it is so hot out that I don't want to clean.
9. Tonight I am going to make Monkey Bread for my coworkers because I am nice like that.
10. My boss is on vacation this week. It is hard to get things done because everyone is checking in with me on things they normally go to him for. :\


Jun. 17th, 2010 01:02 pm
1. Now Zach will be able to watch his beloved Colorado Rockies. I love groupon.

2. I went to two Twin's games in the last week. One was rainy and one was nice. We won a game and lost a game. However, that stadium is really nice. Wow.

3. The new sysadmin organizes Chipotle every Thursday. This is awesome.

4. Zach is gone for two weeks. It is kind of nice to be able to watch girly shows. Xerxes really misses him already.

5. Last night [livejournal.com profile] lisianthia, my brother Eric and I worked on the flasks we will be using with our Powerpuff Girl Costumes. We have a lot of Blue, Green and Pink spray paint left if any one needs some.

6. My new work desk is pretty awesome. It needs one more part and then I'll have lots of desk space.

7. I forgot to take my pill last night and this morning. I can feel a headache coming on. I don't think it is a migraine but a withdrawl headache.

8. I wish I knew what I wanted to do when I grew up.

9. I really have baby rabies right now.

10. Where is my Chipotle? I am hungry!
Now that my PMS anxiety is gone, I am pretty happy. I have a boy that loves me, a condo I love, cats that like it when I sleep in, problems that I can solve and family to hang out with. Life is pretty good for me.

Last night I found someone to buy my car. Yeah, sometimes it is annoying having a mom that networks all the time but she does find people. I am going to sell it for $1000, I was up front about all the issue about it and we are going to transfer it the first part of July. Oh Hoopty, I'll miss you.

Did you know that you can give a car to someone and not pay sales tax on it? I didn't know this? I have to call the DMV next week to figure out how to do this but I read the rules and I think Zach and I just have to sign an affidavit saying that it is a gift. Score! I would rather give him the money then the State of MN. Then again, if I gave him the money, it wouldn't be a gift. LOL.

It is so weird to be slowly merging my finances with someone. I really thought I would have more of an issue with this but I don't. Maybe it is because I happen to have a job right now and he doesn't so I feel like I am building up good will or something but I feel like we are going to get along pretty well with this stuff.



May. 13th, 2010 09:14 am
1. [livejournal.com profile] gwangi leaves for basic in two months.

2. I am obsessing about sorbets. I really want to make some right now but I need rock salt and ice.

3. Someday I want an ice maker.

4. We are hiring a couple new programmers at work and it is odd to me that none of the people they are interviewing are female. Are their really that few female programmers out there?

5. Today I plan on working the new site because I can.

6. I need to vacuum my house. Poor Zach's allergies are in kicking in and the cat hair isn't helping.

7. This weekend we are going to Austin for a family golf tournament. I am not playing golf but rather I am going to eat food and introduce Zach to more of my family. I have a very large family.

8. I need more cloth menstrual pads but I don't want to order then online. Does anyone know where I can get them locally?

9. I have decided that it is time for me to actually start going to the gym again. I am going to start with twice a week. I think Wednesdays and one day on the weekend. I should be able to handle that.

10. I am feeling really chubby today. I don't think I am really, I just feel like I am.


Apr. 20th, 2010 11:27 am
1. My weekend was full of fun. I went to [livejournal.com profile] lonelydoll's wedding shower, saw a bunch of people that I am not going to link to other than to say that [livejournal.com profile] annablume is an excellent host and I got a henna tattoo. I also went to a "home crawl" and saw a bunch more of my friends. I need to remember that seeing people makes me feel better and less cranky.

2. Zach drove me and my bike to work today so I can ride home today. It should be fun.

3. I am trying to decide if I want to buy this book for my vacation or get my boss to buy it for me while I am on vacation.

4. I go to California to visit Zach's family tomorrow! WOO!!!

5. I need to stop reading articles about babies and late motherhood. I am feeling really old right now. It doesn't help that I know two people that have had babies in the last year with genetic issues. (Which has made me even more pro-choice than I was before).

6. Zach goes into the army in less than 3 months. :(

7. I have decided to take the entire week off before he goes in. I figure I would be so distracted that week anyways that it would be for the best. This way we can hang out and do fun stuff. Go to Duluth and the north shore, bike around the city (maybe even literally around the city), watch movies in the middle of the day. Whatever seems fun at the time.
1. It was sunny most of the weekend
2. I can still swing a golf club
3. My bathroom is so close to being done that I am a giddy
4. My boyfriend takes really good care of me when I have headaches
5. Minneapolis has really nice bike trails
6. I have nine days until I go on vacation
7. There is 17 days until the clothing swap
8. My sister is going to CONvergence
9. I am slowly catching up on LOST
10. My house is almost put together after Zach's move-in. Yay!
My new perspective: At least I don't work in a coal mine.

Since I bought a TV last November for my bedroom I wake up by watching the news. I usually watch the national morning shows which sort of annoy me. However, this morning Xerxes was Jerk-xes so I was up at 6:30 so I watched the local morning show. I liked it much better. I am going to try to wake up a little earlier to catch that and get to work half an hour earlier.

Tonight I am baking beer bread with the last of the Dixie bread from the Superbowl. Hopefully that redeems it.

One of my plants is slowly taking over my desk at home. It is sending out sprouts towards the place my head is usually at. It always makes me think of brain sucking aliens.

The new Doctor was pretty good. I am waiting for the new episode. I wish Zach would watch them with me.

I wish that today I could put my headphones on and get this one specific thing that I have been wanting to work on for two weeks done but I have a feeling that I am going to be pulled in 10 directions again. I only need about two or three days of no distractions and I can get it done but I don't think that is going to happen anytime soon. I am really looking forward to working on it.

I did think of some other fun stuff I could work on in between distractions that would keep this project going, even really slowly.

The other thing I am going to do tonight and work on my friend's website. I only have a couple hours worth of stuff do on it for her and then I can get that nagging item off my list.

My shower is SO CLOSE to being done. I painted the woodwork (the right color) last night. The cats "helped".


Feb. 16th, 2010 04:33 pm
1. I want to go home and declutter more! BTW, I still have the garden spinner spider thing up for grabs. Tonight I plan on posting a few more things that I don't need anymore.

2. This weekend my plan is to clean out one of my storage closet, cut the lock off the second one, go through the second one and move everything I am keeping to the one with the lock and then putting a new knob on the second closet. The upside of this is that we will have an empty storage room for Zach to move the stuff that need to be put in storage while he is in boot camp and OCS.

3. I am in such a mood to get rid of things. I scheduled the Spring Clothing Swap for Earth Day (April 22nd). I didn't invite anyone that was male or lived too far away. I might have missed someone since I always find friends that I didn't get in my handy friend filters on facebook. I also have a stack of things to send to my sister and another stack of things to sell on craiglist.

4. I am thinking of taking a trip with my tax return money. :)

5. One night this week I need to work on sanding and painting three board to get my window woodwork done. THEN I can tile the window sill. I am so close to getting my bathroom done I can taste it. It is good since Zach moves in at the end of the month.

6. I am debating replacing my pullout ironing board with an actual drawer since I never use an iron.

7. I went to Culver's for lunch and now I have a stomach ache. I almost always have a stomach ache after Culver's but I still go (I love Culver's).

8. Zach gave Xerxes a bath last night and survived. Actually it was really cute because after Xerxes was out Zach dried him off and and then cuddle with him on the couch until he was all dry enough to start cleaning himself again. Then the cat got back up on him and slept for the rest of the night.

9. I have come to realize that one of my biggest pet peeves is when people need to prove a point with other people. "I am going to do this to the exact letter of the way they told me because I AM GOING TO MAKE A POINT even though it doesn't make any sense".

10. I still am terrible at going to the gym. Sigh.

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