Good Things

Sep. 3rd, 2013 12:28 am

Today was the first day in ages where I physically felt like myself. I kept forgetting I was 38 weeks pregnant and ended up doing a ton. I cleaned a bunch, finished the laundry, worked on a couple quilts, went shopping, went to lunch and sort of helped my brother do yard work (I might have felt good but it is still awkward to try to rake with a baby belly).

I don't know if this is "nesting" or not but I want it to stay around for another day or two. I have a couple more rooms I want to clean and a quilt top I want finished.

In GD news, my glucose numbers have been excellent. We went to The Olive Garden for lunch and I had a big bowl of pasta for lunch and my number was about what they want my fasting number to be under. I haven't been following the diet all week and the only "high" number I had was after sushi on Wednesday. That wasn't even really high, just one point over. I am very okay with this and I might go get a peach tomorrow for lunch. Maybe a banana.


Aug. 2nd, 2013 06:00 pm

I haven't done a Ron of quilting this year. First I was so sick from morning sickness, then we were working on the baby's room, and then my mom took back her sewing machine since I wasn't using it and she had a pile of projects to work on.

The last couple months I have really wanted to sew pretty things but the lack of a sewing machine had made this difficult. However [ profile] marioche69 had an extra one and gave it to me last week. It is pretty awesome! I am going to get it cleaned and tuned up next week! I have been working on a rainbow quilt that I have half cut out. What is funny about this is that I was going to do it one way but now I think I am going to make it another way. A way that won't be so hard to figure out.

I am hoping to get it done before the baby is born as a present for Zach's nephew. He is just a couple months old right now.

Quilt Tops

Apr. 19th, 2013 10:08 am
bertine: (condo fun)
A friend of mine gave me a box full of quilt tops that her grandma had done. They are all hand pieced and I am debating how I want to finish them. I could tie them, which would be quick and easy but I really don't like that look. I could machine quilt them but that sort of seems wrong, though would make them much more stable. Or I could hand quilt them.

I have never hand quilted anything. However, I like the look. If I did it lightly I bet it wouldn't take that long.

I guess another option is to machine quilt some of it and finish it off with hand stitching. That might be a good compromise.

BTW, I haven't quilting much at all in months. Morning sickness made me so tired I didn't want to do anything and once that was done I decided to spend my time working on the baby's room. I am hoping that this weekend I'll get the rest of the walls patched & primed so I can feel like I have made good progress. Next weekend my goal is to paint the room.

This is what the rooms looks like with the patching I had to do. I still have that hole to patch and a big chunk of plaster to completely replace. Nothing too hard.

Baby Room Prep Step 4: clean & prep any crack, patch with Durabond. Lots & lots of Durabond.


Jan. 21st, 2013 08:51 pm

I haven't done any quilting since we got back from Montana. I just haven't been motivated, which is fine. However, I keep finding myself bored in the evenings and I need to start doing it again.

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I don't need any more quilt projects but I am sort of obsessed with this one:
Hey, new year, old list of quilting WIPs with PICTURES

I finished our wedding quilt. I just need to take better pictures of it to show off. This is the back:
The back of the quilt! I am so close to being done, only a little of the binding to finish.

I was trying to figure out how many quilts I have finished this year and it has been more than I thought. Also, I am terrible at taking pictures of finished things.

1. My mom's quilt:
Kethry trying out my mom's new quilt.

2. My sister's quilt:
I really like the quilting pattern that I am using for this quilt.

3. Zach's cousin's baby quilt:
A small quilt using up leftover pieces from the space invader.

4. Almost the whole space invader quilt:

5. Zach's sister's fleece blanket

I am hoping to finish 6 quilts in the next year. I did four last year but I took long breaks from it. The ones in italics are the ones I am hoping to do.

So many projects! )

I woke up this morning with a headache. It sucked because I was really looking forward to Sexy dress-up day. Anyways, I watched old movies and napped all day instead which was okay since it is snowing outside and cozy inside.

Once my head got better I started thinking about ways to quilt Zach's quilt. I want something that will soften the straight lines so I think I am going to do an all-over meandering pattern in the center part. I was thinking about doing a fancy free motion pattern on the border but I am not sure.

Lately I have been thinking about fabric stashing a lot. I look at blogs and envy people of there huge fabric stashes full of pretty fabric but then I think about how much they spent on that without using it and Midwestern sensibilities are offended. Why would you buy fabric without a plan? I actually have enough fabric that I should be able to quilt until the rest of Zach's schooling without buying anything other than batting and maybe backing fabric. I did buy all new stuff for Zach's quilt but I got some back pay/bonus and I decided to use the leftover money after the new sink on something I wanted.

On the sewing machine front I learned the my aunt has my grandma's sewing machine and doesn't use it. So she is going to give it to me. I am pretty excited about this because I have been using my mom's sewing machine for two years and fell guilty about it.

I also have a singer feather weight that I really want to try quilting with but the stand that it is on is so uncomfortable to sit at. I guess I am taller than the average woman in the 1930s.

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Dec. 4th, 2012 03:27 pm
So, here are some pictures of the quilt top I did this weekend:

The middle:
Zach's new quilt top. I am going to add some borders so it will fit my tall husband better.

The borders:
Borders! Only three more seams to sew and I'll have a complete quilt top in a weekend! Might even get the backing pieced so I can pin it next weekend!

The whole top:
Quilt top in a weekend! Now I'll stop the quilt spam.

I feel a little guilty because I have so many other projects I could have worked on but didn't. However, the half-square triangle quilt is going to be slow going for a while. It is so tedious to cut them all out.

A list of quilts to work on )

I have a cold and pretty much spent most of the weekend avoiding giving people my cold and staying home sewing. I was able to get an entire quilt too done, the backing sewn together and all the binding needed. As soon as I clean up from my sewing frenzy I'll be pinning the quilt and hopefully getting it quilted soon.

It is nice to have an easy project finish. Most of the quilts I have going right now are tedious and annoying. They are fun but I felt like I was making no progress at all. Now I feel different.

Other things I worked in this weekend:
Cut more half-square triangles.
Cut more hexagon fabric
Bought the rest of the fabric for my cousins baby quilt
Went for a run and felt like my lungs were going to explode.*

All-in-all, it was a good weekend even if it was less social than expected.

*not quilting related

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So, it seems like everyone around me is expecting. It is pretty exciting (though a little sad for me). Anyways, my best cousin forever is having a baby in April. I am really happy because they have been trying for four years. Anyways, I am going to make this baby a quilt.

Last week I won some fabric which I am going to use. I just need to get one more fat quarter for the quilt pattern I am using and a good neutral background fabric.

I am still slowly making the rainbow quilt but I haven't been in a sewing mood lately. I have been reading a lot and it is hard to sew and read at the same time. Ha!

Also, [ profile] avecvu I need to get to a real computer before I comment on your quilting post. :)

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I am making a rainbow quilt for a baby out of "half square triangles" and I have never had so many issues with math before! I am going to have 360 2.5" squares and I am trying to figure out how wide and tall the quilt should be without any leftover pieces.

Dudes, I am good at math! Why can't I figure this out? Here are all the options (in number of squares):

1 X 360
2 x 180
3 x 120
5 x 72
6 x 60
8 x 45
9 x 40
10 x 36
12 x 30
15 x 24
18 x 20

The 18 x 20 is a 45" x 50" quilt. The 15 x 24 is 37.5" x 60". So which do you think would be nicer for a baby?

Also, how am going to lay out the 360 and keep them in order while I am sewing them together?


Sep. 12th, 2012 12:12 pm
Every time I go over to my parents house and hang out with the quilt I made my mom I am proud of the work I did on that and it makes me want to finish up more quilts.

Last night I made this top with the leftover space invader pieces:
A small quilt using up leftover pieces from the space invader.

I am going to give it to Zach's cousin's daughter (The ones that live in wine country). I really want to try to quilt it with the Orange Peel quilt pattern. I have to go to Joann's anyways so I'll get some cheap fabric to practice on before I attempt it.

After I am done with that I will be working on my sister's quilt:

Next finish? The quilt I started for my sister two years ago.

I was scared to work on it because it was so big but when I pulled it out last night I realized it is smaller than the space invader. That makes it easy. I am not sure what quilt pattern I will do. I was thinking about following the outside lines of the boxes. Then hand-stiching around some of the white square with a thick colorful thread.

Also, I am making slow but steady progress on my flowers:

30 flowers done, only 170 to go!


Sep. 8th, 2012 11:06 pm
I can't decide if I have a migraine or just sinus pain. Or the weird facial nerve pain that I have been having for the last couple months.

I don't really think I have been pain-free in months. I know it is time to go to the doctor but I keep hoping that it will just stop.

So I don't really quilt when I have a migraine. I make too many mistakes so it isn't worth it. However, this weird pain feels like a migraine so I haven't really sew much lately. This makes me sad because I have so many things I want to get done.

Quilt Poll

Sep. 6th, 2012 01:36 pm
I am making a quilt with the leftover pieces from the Space Invader blocks. I only have so many and I don't want to make more. I have two different options that I like for the layout and I was wondering which each of you liked:

Layout 1:

Layout 2:

If only I had two more blocks I could do a fully checker board quilt but that is okay.

[Poll #1864689]


Zach suggested a third option:



Aug. 14th, 2012 03:49 pm
I have a lot of quilting stuff. The rest of the closet is going to be oddball kitchen stuff.

This weekend we mostly finished updating the closet and I put all my quilting stuff into it. I have a lot of quilting stuff, UFOs and random fabric. However, it is really nice to have a place where I can get to all of it easily. I just need to add a couple nails so I can hang my rulers and I'll be set. Oh, I suppose I should also put a spot for our winter coats in this closet also.

Here is a list of the UFOs I have going right now. I haven't made a ton of progress on anything since we have been working on the closet. However, I am making slow progress on the hexigon quilt because we have a Craft Tuesday lunch at work and before we started moving everything I got a bunch of fabric cut for the rainbow quilt. However, I only cut half as much as I needed. I think I am going to work on the other half this week so I can put the fabric away.

My aunt has given me a ton of fabric that her mother left her. I am thinking about using it for a charity quilting bee hosted by [ profile] marioche69. It is pretty fun to make 9 patch blocks and they look good scrappy. I don't really know what charity this would be good for but I am sure we could find one.


Jul. 27th, 2012 10:18 am
Last night I finished the quilting part of the space invader and now only have to trim the quilt and put a binding on it. I am pretty happy about this. It looks awesome. Only 11 months until CVG 2013 where I will attempt to sell it.

I also pulled out my first quilt, the one I took a class for (there is one more border on this).

Almost finish star sampler!

All I have left to do is the quilting and now that I have been quilting for awhile I am amazed at how small and simple to quilt this sampler will be. I only have two more stars to quilt and then I can trim & bind this one. I am pretty excited to get things done!

New Quilt?

Jul. 17th, 2012 09:37 am

My mom went to visit my aunt this weekend. My aunt has been cleaning out her stash and setting aside fabrics for me, which is pretty awesome*. This selection is all the same print but in different colors and now I want to make a rainbow half-square triangle quilt. I even have triangle paper to make it with and my mom wants to help.

Somedays I wish I had a lot more time to quilt.

Oh, every time I put fabric down, Xerxes lays on it.

*I really want to host a quilting bee where we make nine-patch quilts for charity with a bunch of this fabric. I do have a lot of fabric now.


Jul. 16th, 2012 12:59 pm
I really want to be home quilting. Though, it is so hot out that I wouldn't be able to handle quilting the space invader because it has to sit in my lap. SO HOT.

I am really looking forward to moving my fabric. I am going to get storage stuff so I can find thigns easier and I'll put up hooks for stuff that is better stored by hanging. Once this is done it will be easier to pull out projects that fit my mood and the weather better.

So many pins (and one cat), originally uploaded by bertine.

I am in the middle of basting the space invader quilt. This is the process of quilting I like the least because it takes up so much space, I have to bend over so much and my fingers can only handle so many pins before they hurt.

In case you wondered this quilt will have 780 pins in it. I am hoping I have that many!

PS, I love this quilt. It is so awesome.

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