For some reason I thought last Friday was a payday but it wasn't. So, I had moved money around and sent a payment to our CC with that in mind. I went grocery shopping this weekend and basically cleaned out the account which means we are going to be pantry eating for the next week. This shouldn't be so bad since we have a good amount of protein in the freezer.

For some reason* we have a couple pounds of wild rice. So, what is your favorite thing to do with wild rice?

*Byerly's has these sales where you can get a free pound of wild rice with a $10 purchase. Since I get $5 sushi there for lunch most Wednesdays I'll buy some thing to make up the difference (usually cheese) and get free wild rice

I am feeling really lucky that all this broken stuff is happening while we have the extra cash.

Tomorrow Zach is going to buy a new computer because his current laptop needs to be pulled off of life support.

Actually, it might have just died while I was writing this.

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1. Get the addresses for people into the computer
2. Get the Save the Date cards from Amy and order them
3. Mail them
4. Work on out wedding website.

Zach has stuff to do also but he needs his computer fixed first.

Also, on Saturday Zach and I opened a checking account together. Exciting. So, I am changing my direct deposit stuff and working out how bills will be paid. The upside? The bill pay at wells fargo seems to be nicer than my current bank so I cna mail out the bills that aren't paid online from that website. Or Zach can do it. Exciting!


Jul. 5th, 2011 03:54 pm
I totally freaked out about money yesterday, thought I only had $100 until my next payday on the 15th and was crabby because of that.

Then today I looked at it again and realized that I forgot that one my mortgage goes through on the 1st and that I was planning for it still to come out of that account for some reason.

The moral of the story? Maybe you should wait until you are awake to look at your finances.


Jun. 20th, 2011 07:42 am
We are about to hit "6 months to the wedding" date and I am having a very slow anxiety attack about the wedding. It is a little ridiculous because we have a lot of things handled but on the other hand I really wanted the invitations taken care of and that isn't done yet (Amy has been helping but I have been so busy the last couple weeks I haven't been able to do much).

Tonight Zach and I have a "Get Crap Done" date. A good amount of it revolves around wedding stuff though we also have to deal with financial stuff.


Jun. 17th, 2011 08:53 am
Today is payday for me. I have a lot of money moved around with automatic payment (mortgages) and saving plans. I also scheduled my car payment for today. When I logged into my bank this morning half my check was already gone. I then paid off my CC (which I do every payday) which got rid of some more money.

Sometimes it is a little shocking how fast my paycheck can be spent!

I suppose I have a bunch in savings but I don't see that and I have a wedding coming up. I also don't have much debt so I shouldn't be too concerned.

On the bright side, July is a three paycheck month for me, which is good because I want to get more money in savings.

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