Lately Zach and I have been working on decluttering our house. It is amazing how much still we have that we don't use/want. We have been living together for three years and I did declutter quite a bit when Zach moved in. Plus Eric moved out a year and a half ago and we got rid of stuff then.

I think we are going to sell a poang chair & footstool from Ikea, and we are thinking pretty hard about replacing the futon in the office with a nicer one so we would sell the old one. I also have a bunch of pretty paper/postcards/mailing stuff that I haven't used in forever that I am going to give away to either my brother the school teacher or whoever would like them.

I have gotten rid of about half my clothes. Mostly stuff that I have given up on fitting before they go out of style/I don't like anymore. I am also going to get rid of a bunch of shoes since I rarely wear fancy heels anymore.

I think my next big project is going to be moving the rest of Eric's stuff over to his house so the only stuff in the storage rooms will be ours. Then we can move some of the less used stuff (like suitcases, folding chairs, ice cream makers) downstairs.

I also want to work on the guest bathroom. We are going to buy a new toliet if we can find one that fits in the space without costing a biljion dollars. I want to paint and replace the broken light and just fix it up a little. Once this happens we will have even less stuff to fix up in our condo.

BTW, it must be getting close to spring since it seems like I want to spring clean.

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