Kethry & I at the House of Toast:

Kethry with Ursula:
Kethry & Ursula

Kethry with Batman:
Kethry was a little scared of Batman

Kethry with Tinkerbell:
Kethry met Tinkerbell!

Henrietta went but she mostly slept:
Even Wonder Woman needs a nap.

It is so much fun bringing little kids to CONvergence. Kethry got to see lots of Disney Princesses, including Elsa, her favorite. Also so many superheroes, including many Wonder Women, which both the girls were dressed up as. Henrietta didn't care about it at all. Next year will be more fun with her.


Jul. 7th, 2014 02:17 pm
I like wigs.

Poison Ivy

Tonight I have blue hair.

White blonde tonight.

I am pretty tired right now. I am hoping I can catch up on sleep tonight.


Jun. 26th, 2014 02:56 pm
CONvergence is next week and here is my annual list of things to do before it:

1. Pay tabs (I know it has nothing to do with CVG but I need to do it before the end of the month).
2. Figure out what costumes I am going to wear. I think it is just going to be GCRG and some fun wigs.
3. Buy another bottle of champagne and pack supplies for French 75s. Thanks [ profile] pen_grunt for introducing me to those.
4. Go through the SFGH bin to make sure we aren't missing anything.
5. Print out SFGH flyers.
6. Clean the office so Zach's sister has a place to sleep.
7. Go to Trader Joe's to buy supplies.
8. Buy Hot Sauces for the House of Toast
9. Pack
10. Get Henrietta's costumes together


Jun. 21st, 2014 09:27 pm

I love my new wig. My poison ivy costume is going to be that much better this year.

How did it get to be a month before CVG?

Here is the list of things I want to get done in the next month:

Pull out the hole and shorten the top braces and cover them in foam
Finish Space Invader quilt (just the binding, washing & writing up care instructions)
Enter Space Invader quilt into the Art Show
Fix my Poison Ivy Dress since all the green washed out
Make a skeleton dress with fetus (I really want to do this but I worry about time)
House of Toast stuff
Make a maternity Gotham City Roller Girl shirt
Make & print flyers for the SFGH

I am excited!!!


May. 13th, 2013 04:01 pm
Buy SFGH Buttons (Just need the other Classy Bitchez to approve of them)
Pull out the hole and shorten the top braces and cover them in foam
Finish Space Invader quilt
Fix my Poison Ivy Dress since all the green washed out
Make a skeleton dress with fetus (I really want to do this but I worry about time)
House of Toast stuff

Paint Touch-ups
Paint Woodwork
Paint Electrical Cover
Rehang the shelves
Change out electrical outlets
Put covers on the electrical outlets
Redo the drawers in the cabinet so it will fit baby stuff
Call insurance to figure out how to pre-approve delivery and if breast pumps are covered.

Sell Nest Magazines
Get glass in bathroom window
Fix weights/ropes in two windows


Jun. 30th, 2012 11:03 pm

You know what I have hanging in my bathroom right now? Seven Gotham City Roller Girls shirts. Five of them are perfect and two have slight issues but I don't care.

I am so gosh darn happy right now!

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I have finally gotten a decent screen for the Gotham City Roller Girls tshirts but I Am tempted to try again because it looks faded in places. Sometimes I think I am a little crazy.

BTW I know a lot about photo emulsion screen printing kits now.

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So many pins (and one cat), originally uploaded by bertine.

I am in the middle of basting the space invader quilt. This is the process of quilting I like the least because it takes up so much space, I have to bend over so much and my fingers can only handle so many pins before they hurt.

In case you wondered this quilt will have 780 pins in it. I am hoping I have that many!

PS, I love this quilt. It is so awesome.


May. 21st, 2012 10:26 pm
This is mostly a list for my own sanity. Things I need to do in the next six weeks:

1. Finish making Zach's mom's birthday present
2. Finish Space invader quilt
3. Invite everyone I know to this
4. Make some awesome dessert for the House Party/Fundraiser
5. Finish lots of cool stuff at work.
6. Get the SFGH supplies out of storage and check to see if we need more buttons
7. Screen print shirts for the GCRG
8. Go to Philly for a week
9. Pack for camping this weekend (I almost forgot!!!)

I think that is all the important stuff. The next couple months are going to be fun!
I am making good progress on the Space Invader Quilt. The blocks are close to being done. I have a big stack of mini blocks that will be turned into 58 nine-patch blocks (Sort of like this). I am hoping to get this done by the weekend so I can buy the background fabric and work on cutting that out. Quilting this thing is going to take me some time, so I really want to get the top done.

BTW, I am impressed by how much faster I am with this than I was a year ago. This quilt, which is made the same way as the one I am doing now, took me twice as long and was half the size!

Also, I am going to have a ton of this fabric left over. I might just make a second baby quilt like the one above with the leftover stuff.
This year for Convergence I want to enter a quilt in the Art Show . I think it would be interesting to keep track of the cost of making a quilt, both in time and in fabric costs. I would start the bidding for the quilt at the price of the fabric which I estimate to be around $170. I am not sure if anyone would buy a quilt for that much but I think it is going to look pretty awesome.

The quilt is going to have a giant space invader on it and will be about 6'5" square.

Anyways, I am doing the background in a dark gray and I was thinking about this fabric line for the space invader squares:

Each of the squares would be done in patchwork so the space invader would be even more pixelated. I am not sure about the color, I love the oranges, yellows and pinks but Zach seemed to think the orange wasn't so nice.

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