It is one week to CONvergence and I am mostly ready. I just have a few things to do:

Buy white socks.
Practice putting on my new false eyelashes.
Stop at Trader Joe's for some SFGH snacks.
Fill my flask(s).
Get a cooler from my parents house.
Collect my Power Puff and Space Girl costumes.
Get the hole out of storage and make sure it is clean and touched up for three nights of glory.


Jun. 7th, 2011 09:15 am
I am ridiculously excited about CON this year. I think it is because Zach is going. Last night I remembered that people play board games in the courtyard during the day so I think he cheered up because of that.

OMG, eee!!!!


Jun. 6th, 2011 02:48 pm
Hey, does anyone have a link or a copy to the Convergence Party Manual? My Google-fu isn't working for me and I want to know if we can have stickers!

(Or do you know if stickers are okay to hand out? I didn't even think about them being banned and someone pointed out that they might be! It would be okay I just want to know the rules, though it would be funny if I had a huge stack of "I swallowed" stickers in 20 years for my children to find.)

Actually, [ profile] damncutekitty just emailed the CON organizers directly, so we will get an answer that way. She is so much smarter than I am!


May. 31st, 2011 10:23 am
I am really looking forward to CONvergence this year. I have a new costume made by [ profile] damncutekitty. Altaira from Forbidden Planet.

This is the picture she used to base the costume on:
Altaira From Forbidden Planet

I need to go get a fitting, find some shoes and figure out how to wear my hair and I will be set!

The other costumes will be Blossom from the Power Puff girls from last year (group costume with [ profile] lisianthia and [ profile] damncutekitty) and my space girl costume because I love the shiny pants, dress and blue hair. Oh, and white boots.

We will be doing the Snack Food Glory Hole again this year. I believe it will be outside of the House of Toast again but [ profile] lisianthia is our contact with them. The great thing about the SFGH is that we can pull that together at the last moment. I really think it worked well last year and if we do it when the House of Toast isn't running it would be even better because they do get a line. I believe all that is left with that is printing the flyers, getting the snack food, maybe buying new buttons, maybe setting up a facebook page and if we aren't going to be at the same spot as last year, changing the hole.

Oh, we will have stickers this year:

Finally I am excited because new people are coming to CON!

First, [ profile] gwangi is coming. I think he is going to like it despite his griping about it. He likes to gripe about "NerdConFest" but he is also planning outfits that have both dinosaurs and Batman in them.

Second, Erica is coming!

Before the Joplin tornado she was planning on coming up here, with her three boys, for CON and there was some debate on if she would still come. However, she decided that it was a good idea to get a break. She has been working a lot since she is a nurse. Her house is fine but that is her home town and her highschool isn't even on the map anymore. The boys are really stressed out about the whole thing and it will be good for them.

Serinia bought them tickets for their Christmas present last year and they have been planning their costumes for a while. I am rather looking forward to taking three boys, ages 7-10, around during the day to all the kids stuff. At night they are going to stay at my parents house.

Update: I ordered 240 stickers and the more I look at them, the more I wonder if I should order more of them. I have a feeling that the stickers are going to do the trick and get people to come to the hole. Seriously, who wouldn't put their face to a hole and have something random shoved into it for that sticker?

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