May. 19th, 2013 11:08 am

This morning I was laying in bed and I was feeling the baby moving like crazy! I could see my belly moving. I called for Zach so he could feel it. About a minute later the baby must have made a huge kick because it was a big old jolt. Bam! It was awesome because that was the first time Zach was able to feel the baby!

On a side note, the baby goes crazy whenever I eat/drink a bunch of sugar. It is crazy!


May. 8th, 2013 06:31 pm

Well... I have gained about 5 pounds in the last two weeks. Though I usually weigh myself first thing in the morning so it might not be that much.

Don't worry, I don't feel bad about this since I am *still* under the weight I started out at. Though this is about what my pre-Christmas weight was. It really feels like all the weight is in my boobs and belly. I can still wear most of my normal pants, a few fit better everywhere but the belly.

I am so glad to want to eat again. Food tastes better! I can eat a full meal again! Meat isn't gross to me anymore. Really, the only thing I have changed is I eat breakfast (I never did before) and I need to eat a snack in the afternoon. Otherwise I am eating the same as I was before. So I have a feeling that after this big jump I'll have a slower weight gain.

In other news, my nipples have gotten huge which is just odd to see. It is funny how much your body changes during this process.

Nose Bleed

Apr. 30th, 2013 09:22 am
15 years ago I had sinus surgery to fix a broken nose I got when I was 2. The doctor told me that "no matter how hard you get in the face, you won't get a bloody nose" because they removed a bunch of tissue. This was good because I used to get bloody noses all the time before the surgery.

Right now I am fighting a cold and allergies. I went to blow my nose and there was blood everywhere. THE DOCTOR LIED TO ME! Though, I guess 15 years without one is a pretty good run.

Also, it turns out that pregnancy can cause bloody noses. CRAZY.

Update, I am also pretty sure I have been having Braxton Hicks contractions for the last couple weeks. They are weird but not really painful.

I think I might have morning sickness again. Bah Humbug!

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I have started to gain weight. Just a couple pounds but that is okay because I am still 10 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight. My starting weight was about 10 pounds over the weight I like to be so I am okay with what I weigh right now.

From here on out the recommendation is to gain an average of a pound a week for the next 24 weeks. All this seems sensible and good recommendations but all the articles that go with this advice are really preachy. Is it terrible if I gain a little (or a lot) more than that? I know people that gained 60-70 pounds during pregnancy and everything was fine. I also know my mom gained an average of 10 pounds a pregnancy and ended up being too thin afterwards.

Maybe it is because all the advice out there is the same advice you get when you are dieting. "Don't do full fat dairy, don't drink your calories, limit sugar intake". Maybe because I have never really restricted what I eat so I don't feel like I have permission to eat anything I want right now. Not that I don't eat what I want.

Also, while we are talking about food, for the first time in my life I have to eat right when I get hungry. It is so weird. When I am working I tend to forget to eat, esp if I don't have lunch plans and then I get really jittery and spacey. I am sure it is just low blood sugar but it is still an odd feeling.

Baby Stuff

Apr. 1st, 2013 12:26 pm
This weekend, [ profile] gwangi and I decided to go to Babies"R"Us and see what they had. We didn't buy anything nor did we sign up for a registry. We just browsed.

It wasn't as overwhelming as I thought it would be. The only thing that was too much to process was breast pumps/bottles. Plus I have to call our insurance to see if they cover breast pumps.

We looked at strollers/car seat combos and found one that we liked. We looked at cribs and didn't find any we thought was worth the money they wanted. Zach found a diaper bag he thinks will work. Everything else we are going to try to get used.

It is amazing the sheer amount of stuff that is sold as "needed". I am glad we have the diaper thing taken care of and we have learned how easy it is to feed babies once they get to the solid food phase. Both of those items could get really expensive if you bought disposable/pre-packaged food. I also hope breastfeeding works out because formula is pricey!

I also got most of the soon to be nursery cleaned out and will soon start working on patching the walls. Once that happens we will be painting and setting up. Woo!


Mar. 19th, 2013 05:23 pm
So, morning sickness? Mostly gone. Yay!

Heartburn? Okay if I avoid some foods and take medication if it gets bad.

Hopefully this means I will stop losing weight (I am down 18 pounds!) and will start gaining again.

However, I still can't eat much in one sitting. If I don't eat every couple of hours I get that weird jittery feeling that happens when you haven't eaten in a while. So I need more snacking stuff. I still have a food aversion to meat or anything really fatty. However, tuna is okay. Any suggestions? Brussel sprouts aren't going to give me enough calories. Ha!

Also, I was thinking about making smoothies. I am not usually one to drink/eat them but it might be a good way to get some healthy calories into me while I drive to work. Any one ever do this before? Just an FYI, orange juice is out. The other option is to talk Amy into going to Jamba Juice one day.


Mar. 9th, 2013 06:22 pm

Just a warning, I am going to be talking about pregnancy a lot since it is so new for me.

Anyways, I am starting show. This is exciting except I carry my weight in my belly so now I look like I have muffin top all the time since the baby just pushes it up. I am sure when people look at me they would just think I have eaten too many donuts or something. Still, I can tell.

Actually, it is funny. I am down about 12 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight and my pants don't really fit anymore. I can button them but they are uncomfortable.

Another odd things: I can't eat a full serving of anything. I think the baby is pushing against my stomach.

Random realization: My migraine mostly lifted about an hour ago. Yay!

The only craving I have been having lately is for lemons with salt on them. When I was a teenager this was my favorite snack (weird, I know) and it ate away at my tooth enamel. So I am only letting myself have them sometimes and being careful about how long it touches my teeth. Plus when I am done eating one I wash my mouth out with fluorinated mouth wash and don't brush my teeth for a couple hours. Actually when my morning sickness was so bad I actually talked to my dentist what I should do to prevent more issues and that is what he suggested after I threw up. Hopefully that will help.

I am really getting excited about the baby. I know we have 6 months but now that I am starting to show it feels more real.

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The list of foods to avoid while pregnant is insane. Between the "offical" list and all the internet rumors it seems like you can't eat anything. Not that I am paying too much attention to these lists.

BTW, one of the items on the internet rumors list? Pinneapples. WTH?

We talked to a genetic counselor and got the first part of the nuchal fold scan today. We will get the results of the blood test next week.

The ultrasound part was really fun. The baby moved a lot and we could see its arms and legs. Plus whenever I laughed the baby bounced around, it was awesome. Right now it 2 inches long and there is still a little debate on how far along I am. I am due either 9/15 or 9/20, the doctor will figure that out. Plus since babies don't seem to be born on their due dates anyways I am not too worried about it.

The baby passes the ultrasound part of the scan with flying colors. They found the nose ridge and after much jiggling of my belly they were able to get a scan of the nuchal fold. The measurement was exactly average.

Other highlights of the ultrasound was seeing the bladder, the heart and the stomach. Plus we got to see the brain. Zach is scanning the ultrasound pictures now so I'll post them later. BTW, babies don't look good in 3D this early. They mostly look like skeletor.

So far so good. Our next exciting appointment is at 18 weeks where we have some more tests. Otherwise I just go into for basic vitals.

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