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Sep. 3rd, 2013 12:28 am
[personal profile] bertine

Today was the first day in ages where I physically felt like myself. I kept forgetting I was 38 weeks pregnant and ended up doing a ton. I cleaned a bunch, finished the laundry, worked on a couple quilts, went shopping, went to lunch and sort of helped my brother do yard work (I might have felt good but it is still awkward to try to rake with a baby belly).

I don't know if this is "nesting" or not but I want it to stay around for another day or two. I have a couple more rooms I want to clean and a quilt top I want finished.

In GD news, my glucose numbers have been excellent. We went to The Olive Garden for lunch and I had a big bowl of pasta for lunch and my number was about what they want my fasting number to be under. I haven't been following the diet all week and the only "high" number I had was after sushi on Wednesday. That wasn't even really high, just one point over. I am very okay with this and I might go get a peach tomorrow for lunch. Maybe a banana.

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